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MacBook Air 2019 Audio drops on Teams and GoogleMeet

Hi there, I am connected on my 2019 MacAir to an external monitor via HDMI cable off a 3rd party USB C hub & the audio keeps dropping out on calls in Teams and Google meet.

  • I put the settings in both teams and gMeet to use microphone via usb camera and play sound via mac, and then ten minutes in the audio will drop from the usb camera, camera is fine
  • Have checked in System Preference: Security & privacy/privacy/screen recording & microphone settings
  • Used to work fine on my old MacAir utilising same USB C hub and camera

Wondering if its the USB-C hub not working well with MacAir 2019 Thunderbolt 3 or something like that?

Thanks in advance. Hope you're isolating well.

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