Music on Mac

Catalina Music App

Seriously? Why make it basically the "same" as iTunes, but remove good features:

No Genres tab. You can't look at music by Genre unless you create a smart playlist. Misidentified Genres cannot be found easily. Come on…

Inability to search effectively. Once again, unless you create a smart playlist for all searches you can't find metadata you may have put into fields such as Artist. If you have put all the artists (Coltrane, Tyler, Elvin, etc.) in the Artist field, and used Album Artist (Coltrane) for sorting as you should, you can't find Tyner anymore in a search. Come on folks….are you new here?

Why bother making something worse? This is a complete and utter disaster. Fix it now. This is a really good reason to not upgrade to Catalina. Had I known, I would not have upgraded.

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