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Catalina Photos Library Issues

I have just upgraded one iMac to Catalina (iMac2). I have been keeping every user's Photos Library on a shared external volume with ownership turned off. This was working perfectly in High Sierra.

Today I was unable to open two of those photos libraries.

Sequence of events:

  1. Double clicked on photos library.
  2. Apple photos started to "Update" the library to be used in Catalina. It shows "100% Complete".
  3. Then the warning pops up, "This photos library is locked, or you do not have permissions to make changes to it. Photos can try to repair the permission."
  4. I click on "Repair". It asks me to enter and Administrator password. I do that.
  5. It runs it's repair procedure, then… "Photos was unable to open the library "library name". (1000)

I have tried this on two different user accounts that were accessing their Photos Library stored on that drive and it's happened to both.

The second odd thing is that when I mount the shared volume on iMac2, it is modifying the permissions for the volume. Removing "staff" permissions every time.

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