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Home Sharing / Family Sharing not working in Catalina

Hi Folks

I just upgraded our Mac to Catalina 10.15 and can't seem to get the home sharing to work.

My wife and I both have our own user accounts on our Mac. My account is the one where we generally purchase and store the bulk of our music / movies.

When we upgraded to Catalina I activated the home sharing feature in System Preferences, made sure both my wife and I are set up as in the same "family", ensured the mac was "authorized", etc.

When I flip to my wife's account on the same mac, and open the new "Music" app, I'm supposed to be able to see my library from the drop down menu on her Music app screen. Except it isn't there. It was there briefly immediately after I updated to Catalina, but for the past 5 days my library isn't shown as an option when she is using her Music app on her side.

Same goes for her iPhone. If I open music I'm supposed to see my library if she is on the home wifi network. it also isnt gone.

What is going on? I've deauthorized and reauthorized our music apps on the mac. I've made sure we both have "Home Sharing" turned on in System Preferences, Sharing. We are both in the same "Family".

Why isn't this working? Very frustrated.

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