Your mac os could not be installed, the installer resources were not found..

I tried updating to the new catalina update last week on my iMac and it failed to update so i tried it again, failed, tried few more times kept failing, now its just coming up on the screen mac os could not be installed on your computer, the installer resources were not found.

Now the magic mouse wont even connect so I can't use the mouse, but it worked before now all of a sudden its not even thought its charged and I dont have a plug in mouse.

I tried everything but cant even use the mouse when im in recovery mode, the first time I went into recovery mode the mouse worked and I tired literally everything but it just keeps coming back on the screen your mac os could not be installed over and over again.

What can I do, I am so behind in so much work and I cant even get into my computer, Im on my last straw with apple products, how hard is it to simply update a computer without it failing a million times and then nothing works to fix it.

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