OS X El Capitan

Make Recovery HD visible in Startup Manager & "Startup Disk" Preference Pane

Is there a command line that can be used in Terminal to "re-Bless" my Recovery HD, thereby making it visible in both the Startup Manager (Option key at reboot), and also making it visible in the "Startup Disk" System Preferences Pane?

Background: After replacing my 17" MacBook Pro's internal HD with an SSD, I restored my system (10.11.6) and apps using a disk image. I subsequently discovered that my Recovery HD partition did not "come along for the ride," so I recreated a Recovery HD using an AppleScript that I located out there on the web.

Recovery HD seems to work just fine, but my MacBook Pro doesn't "see" the RHD in the "Startup Disk" System Preferences Pane, and it does not appear when I hold down the Option Key to boot into the Startup Manager.

I found one Terminal Command for "re-Blessing" Recovery HD, but it has not worked.

I'd really like to put things in order – so, thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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