macOS Catalina

Interesting innovation but it raises many questions. Operating Systems are known to get corruption with power outages , brownouts and similar , If this happens how do you repair your system when it is read only ??

Is there a provision to restore the System if Hard Drive gets corrupt?

What happens to Fusion Drives , can the user choose to create the Read only Volume in the Solid State section to improve performance and the rest in the spinning drive? Would these drives have a conflict or issues when attempting to relocate the most often used applications for faster boots and launch. If so ,would Fusion Drives require a Firmware upgrade to avoid , solve, these issues?

If the System Volume is read only does it implies that plists , dictionaries, preferences files , host files ,etc will reside on the read/write volume, just as all applications will? If so what has been gained by creating this apartheid sand box when these essential structures remain just as vulnerable as before?

Where will Application Support files such as Libraries, Frameworks, reside?

In a Fusion drive with the read only volume dedicated to the OS will Virtual Memory happen in slower Spinning Drive?

Etc, Etc.

Thanks. Luis

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