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Macbook Pro's two Wi-Fi issues: disconnecting personal hotspot; blocking while iPhone connected

I am having a Macbook Pro with Mojave 10.14.6. It has two annyoing wi-fi issues:

  1. If I set the Macbook Pro to connect the personal hotspot of my iPhone (iOS 13.1.3), it could establish the connection but only after roughly 15 seconds, the connection is broken. However, if I plug in the iPhone via USB port, Macbook can use iPhone's personal hotspot very well. I have tried with two other iPhones, all is the same. How can I use personal hotspot for Macbook Pro?
  2. Sometimes I need to recharge my iPhone by plug it into Macbook Pro. Before the reinstallation, this doesn't make any trouble; but now, it will make the browser webpage loading really slow like dead. And as soon as I unplug iPhone, the browser will get back to normal and the webpage shows up pretty soon.

I cannot find any useful hints on these issues. Any advices will be appreciated!

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