iCloud on my Mac

Oh no, Apple said my Reminders would still be on iCloud. Not so.

I never should have trusted Apple's assurance that "You can always see your reminders on a Mac or PC by signing into iCloud.com with a compatible web browser." But I did and went ahead and upgraded my iPhone Reminders app. BAD MISTAKE! The new app is running on the phone, but when I went to get my Reminders on my Mac (OS X 10.14), all but one of several categories had disappeared, and the only reminder in the survivor came from a different category. It's the same on my Mac. I tried it in Chrome (my default browser) and Safari, but couldn't get anything more than the one to-do. Of course, I wouldn't care whether it's in iCloud normally because I don't use iCloud on the web. But that's where Apple said I could ALWAYS see my reminders. Maybe this is just another hard shove to get me into Catalina, but I don't have that option right now. Any suggestions?

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