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Midi Routing Drum Triggers


Running Logic Pro X 10.4.8 on a brand new Macbook Pro.

I'm having an issue with routing midi drum triggers (specifically, 3 Sensory House Triggers). In the Sensory House program, I have each of my 3 triggers set to different midi channels (1, 2 and 3) and routing through my interface. I have 3 software channels in Logic set up, each with the EXS24 sampler open. I have assigned the corresponding midi channels to the correct track (Midi Ch. 1 = Kick, Midi Ch. 2 = Snare, Midi Ch. 3 = HH)…

despite this routing, my Kick trigger is triggering Kick and Snare, my Snare trigger is triggering Kick and Snare, and my hats trigger is trigger Kick, Snare AND Hats. Each trigger is set to output to a different midi channel, and each software instrument track is set to a single midi channel.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks!

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