iCloud downloads are successful only ~25% of the time

I am a paying iCloud user and I can't download my photos from iCloud. Here are some details:

– I have a very good internet connection

– I am using a Lenovo T490 computer with Windows 10.

– I am trying to download photos in batches of 50 to 100 at a time (comes as a zip file)

– If I start ten of these batches, usually anywhere from only 3 to 5 succeed. The others fail. And it isn't always the first ones which succeed.

– I am pressing and holding the download arrow, then selecting download original.

Obviously a workaround would be to select one photo at a time and download it. But since we're dealing with well over a couple thousand photos, it would be far too tedious that way. And without trying it first, I have no way of knowing if I would encounter the same problem doing it this way.

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