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iphone8 multiple issues started today: haptics stopped, haptics menu doesn’t work, call volume resets to zero

Hi all, hope this sounds familiar to someone.

I have an iPhone 8. I was on a Skype call this morning. After hanging up the call, my home button worked, but wouldn’t ‘click’ – the haptics stopped working. Then the phone stopped receiving incoming calls, or when it did, wouldn’t ring with any volume.

When I go to settings > sounds and haptics >

1) the interface is extremely slow and stalls

2) the Ringer and Alerts volume is always switched to zero, if I turn it up, it lags, appears to work, then doesn’t work – if a call gets through the phone doesn’t ring or vibrate

3) haptics is switched on (but doesn’t work)

outside of the menu, the volume buttons are extremely laggy.

I have tried:

1) power off and on

2) turning haptics off, hard reset (volume up, down, home) then turn haptics on

3) updating ios

4) repeating 1 and 2

5) reset all settings

6) repeating 1 and 2

7) restoring from backup

8) repeating 1 and 2

9) factory reset

the problems are identical.

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