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Music App doubling my added music since macOS Catalina

Ok, My Music Library is a mess since the upgrade to macOS Catalina.

I have a lot of CD's which I am ripping and adding to the library. In iTunes that wasn't a problem but in macOS Catalina, my added Music appears double as long as it isn't synchronized to the cloud.

What I think is going wrong is that the Music App will add the list of new Music to the Cloud and than after that starts uploading the physical files. And if that doesn't all happen in one go, the next time you startup the computer/music app, the Music App thinks that it needs to offer you the download version. So I end up with a version which I can download from the Cloud and one which still needs to be uploaded.

When I used to program myself, this was like making a commit to the database when the transactions was halfway. This is how it appears to me.

Any thoughts on how this can be solved?

PS. Updating the Music library on the cloud is still slow as molasses in January. Apple could have done a better job here. And I am not talking about the upload speed of the internet

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