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MBA 2018 keyboard problem

I've bought a MBA (2018) in march with the purpose of studying online and everything was good until I started the semestr in august. The keyboard started having problems with th letter e, someetimes it would double type it but from a time it has started not to function someetimes. Its vry frustrating since I cannot send it for rpair becasuse I need the equipment for my studies and I have to wait til decmber recess. They said that thee problem with the keyboard was fixed with these new models but it not and its very annoying when iam writing an essay or something like that and the letter wont type or it would doble type. For the price you pay for these equipments you are not supposed to havee thse kind of problems especially in the keyboard. Ive tried cleaning it with the methods that they show on the related page but nothing, key repeat is off, there is thee option to buy an external keyboard and it wpuld look ridiculous.This is very dissapointing. I was just taking off

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