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2011 13 inch MacBook Air 3 loud beeps

Hi all,

Ive seen posts about this for pros but they were all older. I know my device is nearly 10 years old, but I’ve never done any damaged to it whatsoever and it was shocking to me today when I was in the middle of a project and it just started beeping and then went black. I can’t get it past the three beeps when I hit the power button. I tried the control+shift+option thing that an internet search told me, but no luck.

I kinda assumed that this laptop would last me forever, and now I’m scared. Is there a way to fix this or know

whats happening? And if it’s not fixable is there a way to transfer out all of my photos and music? I have probably close to 3k songs that you can’t get anywhere else (live recordings, demos from favorite artists that are now wiped from the internet, etc) and pictures I never backed up anywhere else. I do 90% of my

wok on google drive so all of my important documents minus my resume are saved there. I just don’t want to lose the pictures and music.

If i do need to get a new device, what do y’all recommend?

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