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Hacked! (High chance at least) – Advanced/expert advice needed (Etre Report)

I'd like to begin with the fact that I'm a prime candidate for someone who could have been hacked on an early 2011 mac running Yosemite – I've downloaded many music plugins, software, samples/ etc. from unidentified developers, torrents, etc…. I know not the smartest idea. But I'm here now..

I first started getting worried when I was receiving email threats with an old password, (although I tossed it off to a password data breach), but then I received emails from MYSELF (and yes, from my sent folder,) with a .mov attachment (which I opened stupidly.). These were sent from "iphone" apparently…The icing on the cake was me changing my apple id and gmail passwords, blocking any incoming mail on my computer – I kept mail working on my phone. Two mornings later, I woke up to my mail working smoothly on my mac, as if someone had updated the password!

So…I'm very worried about a keylogger, malware, or something logging my data. I've deep scanned my computer twice with Avast security and Malwarebytes, Firewall is on (and now stealth mode,) and I've even targeted scanned a lot of downloaded files I've had. All apparently clean.

Anyways, I've attached my Etrecheck report if anyone can help take a look, however, I would like to direct attention to one precarious process ".com.apple.cloudphotosconfiguration" : Do I need to buy the full version by the way for a more comprehensive report? Thank you!!

Etrecheck Report

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