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Catalina upgrade too a huge disk space and time machine back up issue

Hi Everyone, I would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

I upgraded my 2017 MacBook Pro to Catalina OS. Before the upgrade I had approximately 450gb free disk space; after the upgrade I have only 250gb free disk space.

Not realizing this initially, I tried to do a time machine back up on an external drive (1TB). Time machine erased all my old back ups (about 8 revs) except my last back up to free up space on the WD external to perform a back up but it still failed due to insufficient space. I tried a second time and same result. I never had an issue with time machine before; it usually deletes the oldest back up to free up space for the new one.

So my problem is two fold; I have lost approximately 250gb of free space on my Mac HD; and I can not perform a back up. The Mac Pro is functioning fine otherwise. I understand that as a party of a new security feature Apple had created a read only volume but I assume that this can not just take so much space on the users drive.

Please advise any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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