macOS Mojave

Blocked Abuser Endlessly re-appearing

Hi all,

I've tried endlessly to get a user to stop contacting me via iMessage. I've pulled out all the stops, blocking, restraining order, no contact order etc. While the technical side of this has blocked contact from my phone, I've been unable to block this person on iMessage from my laptop. As I'm a researcher, this makes my job increasingly difficult, as the persona at issue still contacts me several times a day. I have tried outright blocking them via the preferences in messenger, adding them as a contact on my Mac (already done on my phone, which resulted in a successful block on my phone alone) and blocking them that way.

When I try to block on my Mac, either outright via messenger, by trying to take the back door via messages->preferences->block, or by right clicking and blocking that way, I hit the button and the comp just goes blank and won't add them to a blocked list.

I've been trying to get this person out of my life for almost four yers now, I've changed my phone number three times, my email countless times, I've spent hours online with apple support. can anyone give any suggestions as to how to remove this person for good?

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