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Mac Mail Autocomplete wont let me send mail to people not in my contacts

Autocomplete in Mac Mail will not allow me to send messages to people who are not already in my contacts. No matter what email address I type, it will enter one from my contacts list.

As I type a name, the autocomplete suggestions pop up. And when it gets to the point where what I am typing no longer aligns with any contacts, it just inserts the address for the last person on the autocomplete. This sender is not in my recent contacts list either.

Let's say I am trying to email, when I type frank@ one of my contacts pops up. I will keep typing the address but when I hit enter, it just defaults back to So even if I enter the new address completely, it just defaults to a known address. Even if I type the name a second time, it just adds the already known contact again.

Sometimes I email up to 40 new people a day, so its not possible to add a new contact card every time I want to send someone new a message.

I am running Mojave 10.14.6 and Mail 12.4 on my Macbook Air.

I am going to pull my hair out very soon.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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