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Beats Studio 3 connection and continuity issues on iOS/iPadOS 13

Before iOS 13 and iPadOS, the connection to my beats speaker was like a second or two. And when I switch to another device and connect to the headphone on this new device, the switch and reconnection is also fast, typically about 2-3 seconds, I think. However, with the new OS, the whole process is buggy and slow. The status indicator on the AirPlay menu in the Control Center is often out of sync, and has a delay at least. The sound effect on the headphone is also late to come.

Meanwhile, now with the new OS, each time I turn on the headphone, the pairing window pops up on the device that is unlocked, but is of no use since there is no Connect button. For example, if the headphone was connected to device X last time until the headphone was turned off, and now I am working on device Y with X locked, then when I turn on the headphone, Y will show the pairing interface, but with no clickable button. So to connect the headphone to Y, I need to open Control Center to connect to switch the output to the headphone.

I mean, the magic of W1 is fading with the new release – it is not fully unleashed. I don’t know if there is something wrong with my iCloud account, or what I can do to make the thing work. Does anyone have this issue, or know of some workarounds?

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