Mac Music Production Setup Recommendations

Hi all,

I'm looking to upgrade my late 2012 27" iMac, as it seems to be slowing down an awful lot which in turn is becoming a hindrance to my work as a musician – I tend to use Logic Pro X, Sibelius, Pro Tools, MainStage 3, etc on a very regular basis.

I'm looking for recommendations from you lovely lot. I'm tossing it up between the Mac Mini (i7) or another brand new iMac. I love the portability of the Mac Mini and the look of it but performance wise I'm still indifferent. Of course, as with everyone, I'm looking for the most cost efficient option that'll give me the best performance but is under the £1800 mark.

I'm also currently still a university student so anything eligible for their "Education Discount" would be superb.

TLDR: What's better for a musician who uses programs such as: Logic Pro X, Sibelius, MainStage 3, Final Cut Pro X (occasionally) etc. Mac Mini (i7) or iMac.

Many Thanks!

Meg 🙂

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