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Dolby Vision on Samsung TV via Apple TV+

Is there any way my AppleTV 4K box can be set to request HDR10 videos when I am streaming from the Apple TV+ channel on 1st Nov?

I know that I can set my AppleTV 4K to 4K SDR and then turn off the Match Range option so I see Dolby Vision content in SDR but I’d like to watch in HDR even if its only HDR10 (as opposed to HDR10+ or HDR Dolby Vision) but even having to turn off Match Range manually for most of Netflix’s HDR content (which, of course, is in Dolby Vision format) is a drag and now I’ll have to do the same for Apple TV+.

The reason is that most Samsung TVs don’t render Dolby Vision correctly giving dark and muddy colours. Samsung opted for HDR10+ instead which is great for Amazon but bad for Netflix and Apple TV+.

I wish I had known that before I bought a new 55” Samsung!

I think Apple TV+ may be getting lots of complaints from disgruntled Samsung owners “Why is it so dark?”

Bottom line: Is there any way to get an AppleTV 4K box to request HDR10 content in lieu of Dolby Vision or failing that to just switch to SDR automatically when Dolby Vision “turns up”

(Please don’t mock me for buying a Samsung! Now, if Apple made TV sets . . . I wouldn’t be able to afford one!)

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