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How to update People in Photos on MacBook Pro

How do I update the people feature on my MacBook Pro? The photos that show up when I click "People" are several years old and none of the photos from the last 4 years are included. I have a large photo library, but 1/2 already have been scanned. Is there a way to only start the scan with the years not already included or does it always have to go back to the start? How long would this take per 1000 photos? (As I said, I have a huge photo library.)

I also get the message that "People will update when Photos is in the background". I typically have Photos closed so am not sure why this hasn't already happened if that's all that is needed to update. Obviously I am missing something. I was able to do this successfully in the past, but have been unable to get any recent photos to appear. Thanks for any support you can offer me!

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