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2011 MacBook Pro graphics card failure for the third time

I have a MacBook Pro 2011 (purchased in 2012) that has had the infamous graphics unit main logic board replacement twice and it has just happened for the 3rd time. I took it into the Apple Store in the Tacoma, WA mall and a genius told me that my MBP is vintage and can't be serviced even if they wanted to. I understand that a company can't provide a fix for something forever, that they have to generate new income to stay in business, but I just checked the market cap and the stock price on Apple and this policy is ridiculous for a company that is making so much money. Apple never fixed my computer problem permanently. They threw a replacement part blindly back into a bad hardware design and the problem happened again, and then the problem happened again. My MBP is the most expensive computer I have ever purchased as a private individual. It also has lasted the shortest period of time. All the Windows laptops I have owned (including Dells, IBMs, Lenovos, and Toshibas) have all lasted much much longer. On average over 10 years. Many of those machines were right around $1000. My MBP was around $2500 and Apple is telling me that at just a little over 7 years old, I should re-purpose it as a paperweight and buy a new $2500 computer. After this experience with such a poor piece of technology, and low quality customer service I have received, why would I ever buy another Apple product?

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