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OpenOffice Impress file crashes OpenOffice after upgrading to Mojave

I have an OpenOffice presentation that I use for teaching a class. It has evolved over the years with 16 different versions. I started using this on (I think) Snow Leopard and have edited/shown it on each subsequent MacOS through Mojave. Since upgrading my iMac to Mojave, OpenOffice crashes immediately after loading and starting to move through the presentation pages (this happens for all 16 versions of the presentation). The same failure happens on a new MB Pro and an older MB Pro both of which are also running Mojave. The same files open without issue on my wife's older MB Pro which is still running High Sierra. I have read the OpenOffice forums and tried various ideas documented there, none of which helped. Given the behavior of the presentation across multiple MacOS releases, I have to believe the issue is related to Mojave. I can reproduce this at will, generating a dump file. Where do I go from here? Other than rebuild my 175-page presentation in Powerpoint…

FWIW, this error occurred OpenOffice 4.1.6 and also on 4.1.7. The same OpenOffice version is running across all four systems mentioned above.

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