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Can’t get past start up screen

My laptop was closed and suddenly the start up sound chimed and now the progress bar gets stuck at the halfway mark for hours on end. I DO NOT have auto updates.

It’s a Mac book pro from around 2015, it’s been working pretty good until the above situation happened.

I’ve tried

  • Resetting NVRAM, same result thing progress bar only goes to halfway
  • Resetting SMS, same results, slow boot stuck at halfway
  • Can not get to safe mode, the bar gets stuck
  • Can not get into recovery or disk utility, I cannot get access to anything pass the boot up bar!
  • I try holding option down but I only have 1 disk to choose from and it just leads to the same thing

Please I just need to get to the desktop so I can back up my files and try to get a better machine.

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