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Power via Type A USB port in 2012 MacBook Pro2012 Ma

Hi… I have a 2012 MacBook Pro that will not charge via a MagSafe L type power adaptor. I suspect the charging port has failed. As the battery is flat, there is no way to boot and run any diagnostics. I have two MagSafe adaptors that show amber and green lights when tested with an early MacBook but neither will power the Macbook Pro. I live in a remote location which has no Apple support facilities so I am on my own when it comes to problem solving.

My question is:

Can I get power through one of the standard Type A USB ports using adaptors? … eg. If a 5 pin Magsafe to Type C USB adaptor is piggy-backed onto a Type C to Type A (3.1) adaptor, which is plugged into the laptops USB port, will that deliver power?

Your comments appreciated.

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