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Hi, all. I'm having an issue managing my parental control settings and was hoping someone might help. When I set up family sharing, I was under the impression that there's a single Screen Time passcode which I can use to change the settings and permissions on my daughter's iPhone. However, it seems that she can get around my restrictions using a different passcode – one that I recognize and may have used earlier. I've set and reset this passcode a half dozen times from my own iPhone, but it doesn't seem to affect her phone. When she sends purchase requests, I can approve from my phone using the new passcode, but she can also approve from her phone using the old one. If I try to approve from her phone using the new passcode, it gets rejected. If I try to approve from my iPhone with the old password, it gets rejected.

Do I misunderstand something about how this is supposed to work? Did I inadvertently set up two pass codes somehow? I can't find a separate Screen Time passcode setting anywhere on her phone. I'm extremely frustrated and would appreciate any insight at all. Thanks!

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