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photo problem after update

My iPhone 11 was recently updated to version 13.5.1. My MacBook was updated to 10.15.5. After these updates both started to have problems with photos. After taking photos and videos on my phone I can share the them from the camera app, but if I close the camera and go to photos app the photos and videos don't show up until I restart the phone. Sometimes videos don't play back after restarting, and sometimes I can't edit them, but sometimes I can playback and edit. Sometimes I can text or email the photos and videos and sometimes I can't, the screen hangs at the circle loading symbol.

Also, when I add photos to photostreams from either my MacBook or my phone they don't show up for any of the shared users or on any of my other devices. When other people post to a shared photo stream the pictures don't show up on either of my devices.

I also have an iPad that can see these photo stream updates and has no problems with taking or sharing photos. I'm not having any other problems with my MacBook or iPhone. Thanks in advance for any suggestions to resolve this! It's super annoying.

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