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Apple Mail Drafts & Recovered Messages Folder

I have been living with some aggravations in my Apple Mail for awhile, and I've decided that I want them fixed. Perhaps I shall be able to address both with this post.

#1 – Apple Mail seems to create a draft copy of any email that I am composing, about every 30 seconds, and saves the most current to drafts. Unfortunately, once the email is sent, it does not get rid of the draft, so draft versions of my emails continue to accumulate. The older versions of the drafts get sent to my Recovered Messages Folder. (see below…) I believe the concept is that the draft stays current +/-30 seconds until you complete the message and it is sent, then the draft message should go away. This is what I would like to happen.

#2 – Apple Mail creates a Recovered Messages Folder, On my Mac (down below Smart Mailboxes), in which copies of draft emails, actual emails, sent messages, received messages, archived messages, deleted messages, pretty much every message I do anything with, a copy gets sent to this folder. The folder gets large and I don't want it. If I delete it, it reappears with my next message. Apple support suggested it may just be normal and I should just delete the messages every once in awhile, but that seems odd to me, and not a task I want to add to my plate. Online, I read where people have similar problems and the suggestion is to rebuild the mailboxes, I've done that, no difference.

My email service is through the largest telephone/cable/internet supplier in the region, and we get their service through their web hosting platform, so I can also log into their services through their webmail portal. Not sure if that makes any difference.

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