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Why do my Apple Watch not pairing with my phone(answer)

This is the answer to why your Apple Watch will not pair.this has happened to me and I spent about a month trying to get it fixed and I don’t want other people to go through what I went through. I had the Apple Watch series 1 but this could be the case for the series 2. If you have tried the steps what Apple have told you to do, your Apple Watch may have been so outdated that it can not update any more. I was told that later on this year watchOS 6 will be coming out later this year so you will be able to update your watch then. You can fine the steps to update your watch on the Apple website but I hope this has helped you at least a bit on how to fix your Apple Watch. Mine was not pairing and kept taking me to the language screen again and that was that.

i am taking mine to my Apple store and getting my phone and Apple Watch serviced.

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