Logic Pro X

navigation too fast

Hey Everyone. New to Logic

Mac Pro, Catalina 10.15

Logic Pro X 10.4.7

Mouse, – Logitech Triathlon M720, mose recent drivers.

I'm having trouble navigating the track area with certain mouse movements. If I use the two slider bars to navigate the track area (zoom, expand) everything works fine. However if I want to use hotkey click such as ****+cntl+mouse click to pan left and right the navigation tracks move so fast they are a blur. Same if I want to zoom into a track. Option+MMClick, expands my tracks or shrinks them so fast I cannot control it. I've tried lowering my tracking speed in preferences and my logic driver preference but that just makes my cursor move slowly and doesn't have any impact on navigation issues within Logic

I looked online for an answer and found a couple people having similar issues but no solutions. I'm tired of buying mice. I'm a graphic designer and finally found a mouse I like (4th mouse this year) that also works well for my adobe programs and hoping there is a work around or simple solution for logic.


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