MacBook Air

unmounted drive after system reboot

Need some assistance to see if anyone else has seen this lately and hopefully has a solution. We have had 3 new 2019 MacBook Airs reboot after months of use and suddenly do not work. Device boots to our local Admin account but our Admin password does not work. We boot to Recovery/Disk Utility and the device shows the SSD is unmounted. Clicking on Mount does nothing. No errors……nothing.

Tried to reset admin password to see if that was the issue but the device does not see the local admin account. Terminal shows SSD listed. Tried to remount the drive through Terminal and system states the drive is encrypted. All three staff members stated they did not turn on FileVault. All these devices had this happen in the past 24 hrs. No one knows the PassPhrase so we can not unencrypt the drive to remount it.

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