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HP USB-C Dock G4 & Macbooks (pros and airs)

My company is seeing an increased use of Macbooks (esp. with developers and C level people, but even lowly infrastructure types such as myself 😉 and we're trying to find a reliable USB dock that supports multi-monitor display, ethernet, power and USB A ports but will also support Windows laptops as well as Macs (goal is hot desk and reliable dock/multi monitor support across two OSs, easy right?) as we are still predominantly a Microsoft house.

Currently we're trying HP USB-C Docks (G4) with mixed to poor results (multi monitor display doesnt work). Whilst I can get one screen to work, if I remove the USB-C cable then reconnect (i.e. leave to goto a meeting, return and reconnect) the screen wont work until I shutdown the Mac and start power up again (note – shutdown is required, not a restart, a restart does not work). Reading around it appears it may be the multi-stream technology may be part of the cause.

I'm running fairly recently beta displaylink drivers and Catalina 10.15.1.

If we can't get these HP docks to work then we're happy to look at alternatives within that price range (£120 or so).

Has anyone got a product that supports two external dispplays, that they have used with 10.14 plus ?

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