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Locked Files/Folders – Mixed up Permissions

Hi folks. I'm using Google Backup & Sync on my Late 2013 MackBook Pro (Mojave 10.14.6). Recently, the permissions throughout the entire sync'd Google Drive folder on my MacBook became locked (all folders, subfolders and files) and the option to unlock is disabled. The Sharing & Permissions section in Finder > Get Info shows that I have Read & Write access next to my name, but above that it says "You can only read". The lock button to allow changes to permissions is disabled as well. Screen shot below for illustration…

I have tried sudo chflags -R nouchg on various folders/files in questions but it had no effect. No errors or anything. It seemed like it executed but didn't do anything.

How in the world can I unlock these folders/files?

Locked Files/Folders - Mixed up Permissions

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