macOS Catalina

Catalina issues numerous

I installed Catalina on a less-than-one-year-old MacBookPro top of the line model with more than enough RAM to choke a moose. I am not working with old equipment here, I do not expect an OS to operate so horribly…

Mail takes ages to refresh. GOing from one folder to another, one infox to another, takes ages. Why?

Mail notifications do not show up immediately.

Safari lists open windows as "untitled" – even this browser window – for an Apple forum – is showing up as untitled.

Safari no longer auto-enters common web sites I have visited numerous times over the past few days – Facebook for one.

Saving files from a stock image web site to a folder takes ages. Duplicate names take forever to rename.

Need to know what the fix is for all of this mess. My work is being greatly affected by this.


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