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IOS Powerbeats Pro Wont Connect or Work

Since the update, I cannot hear any music or calls through my PowerBeats Pro. They worked fine, I took a couple weeks off from them, came back and they connected but no sound of any type. No beeps, no tones. Rocker buttons control volume display on the phone but still no sound on earbuds. I forgot the device, reset it, checked the firmware with cable to the Beats website, everything looks right. Now I can't even find it in my devices list to pair it. I can get the case to flash red and white if I hold it for 15+ seconds. I can't get it to show up on my phone or my device list. Its nuts – and I see a ton of threads about all kinds of problems with these now. Do I return them? Or are you doing something to help?

The instructions to hold the reset button and repair don't work. I'm convinced it's software related on the phone side. It should just connect like when I bought the product. What gives?

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