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Hi, hoping someone can help me!

I’ve updated my phone and since the update all my videos (in the photo app that comes as standard) have been either really laggy or unable to load and none of my photos (old or recent) are loading properly. I’m unable to edit them or send them via text, email, iMessage, insta or fb messenger. Which is something of a problem because I need to be able to share them for work. The photos in the album are blurry and have the little exclamation mark in a circle in the bottom right corner and the videos continuously buffer. This happens regardless of whether I’m connected to wifi or not. There’s also error messages asking me to try again later because pictures couldn’t load when I’m trying to send or edit stuff. I’ve read some advice saying I need to delete all my most recent pictures, but this isn’t an option for me because of the work aspect (some of the pictures can’t be taken again).

Any help or advice would be great! Thanks!

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