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Podcast no longer pick up where left off

I have the last generation nipped Nano. For years I have been using it to listen to podcasts. I got used to synching them using iTunes. When ever I would listen to them on my MacBook and had to leave, I would synch and my podcast would pick up where I left off.

Now that apple has removed iTunes, I have to first open podcast to download the latest episodes.

Next I have to open a new finder window and select my iPod from devices and synch this way.

Now that I have switched to this method, my podcast no longer pick up where I left off. Even if I go to my music to hear a song or listen to another podcast, if I come back to the previous episode, it starts it off from the beginning.

This is so frustrating because most of the time my iPod is in my pocket and I am not paying attention to at the time when this happens. I have to fast forward through a podcast.

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