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playing movies in TV app – sound and audio get out of sync

(2017 Ipad Pro, running latest iOS)

Since iOS 13 came out, while playing movies in the TV app, after a while (15-30 minutes) the sound and video go out of sync. This gets worse as the movie progresses, going from mildly annoying to completely unwatchable. This seems to only happen with movie files that are encoded outside of itunes – that is, if I buy/rent a movie on itunes, it'll work fine with no problems, but if I get the same movie from an outside source, it'll have this problem. However, the file from the outside source will work fine in other video players on the ipad, such as VLC.

I've reported this problem via the feedback app after every update version of iOS 13 that's come out, and you'd think this would be something they'd fix immediately, but no. Is this some kind of ham handed attempt to lock in videos from itunes only, or just bad quality control?

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