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Does anyone else have issues with workouts not being recorded with the exercise ring? The only one that will record in my exercise ring is the “other” workout. I get 1-for-1minures there. However, 5 mile outdoor walk, nothing. Three miler indoor run, nothing. Yoga, nothing. HIIT, nothing (even after making my heart rate almost double). Tried every level of technical support:

paired and unpaired watch


paired watch with different iPhone

all updates run

recalibrated a bunch of times

After 4 calls to support (4 hours of my time), a trip to the Genius Bar, level 4 support, and supposed analyzing by another group of specialists….the Apple Watch Lead at Apple Support had the brilliant solution of waiting for the next update that might be out in the next month or so.

I am am hoping someone else might have a different solution I could try…?

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