iCloud on my Mac

How to delete items from iCloud that were imported into Mac Photos

I'm struggling here on getting my iCloud organized and synced amongst my devices. It was my understanding that making changes (deletes etc) in Mac Photos would populate those changes to iCloud, but after a call to tech support I was informed that photos that I imported into Mac photos from my computer do not work they way. Any photos that I imported into Mac Photos and then were uploaded to iCloud now have to be deleted directly in iCloud.

My questions… Can anyone point me to any documentation regarding this? And, does anyone have a faster way to do this then selecting 5,000 photos one by one in iCloud?

In case you're wondering why I need to do this, my old imports were done haphazardly back before I was using iCloud and I have tons of duplicates and very old photos that I have no interest in keeping in the cloud and are crowding up my feeds on all devices.

I'd appreciate any help!

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