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Find My setup to see all family devices Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  Thomas O'Connell Latest update on the question 7 replies 17 views asked by  Thomas O'Connell User profile for user: koko264 koko264 User level: Level 1 Hallo I want Chang Apple ID region can you please reset my balance to zero thanks Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  koko264 Latest update on the question 1 reply 2 views asked by  koko264 User profile for user: Arunesh711 Arunesh711 User level: Level 1 I forgot my Apple ID password

I have family sharing turned on and can see a list of all my wife's devices but all them say "not sharing location * online"

what does that mean and how to I reset it so we both can see all of each others devices in the FIND app.



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