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Apple TV playing music from macOS

I’ve worded my topic like this because I’m seeing or noticing something new. I use my ATV4K to play music via the ‘Computer’ App from my Mac mini with an iTunes library (now a fresh install of Catalina and Music App, not an upgrade). I’ve done this for years and have always loaded iTunes automatically when the Mac boots, both it and the ATV have family sharing on with the same userID.

I’ve always assumed that ATV saw the iTunes library via an advertised network service made available when the iTunes/Music App was loaded. Recently however I’ve been testing a different player and haven’t been loading the Music App, however ATV can still see and play my music, leading me to believe that it is accessing the file system directly and not going through a library service. Possibly it’s always worked this way and I’m just becoming enlightened?

So my question is, does ATV use the AppleID to gain access to the file system and play directly from there? Has it always worked this way? Or could the SMB access i granted the Infuse App to this filesystem be in play here? (nice pun eh?)

Now that the Remote App is broken there is little reason to load the Music App for this purpose and I’d like to keep that option open should I chose.

Thanks for your help

Edit: I meant this to go in Apple TV, but also identified AppleID, I’m on macOS 10.15.1 & tvOS 13.2.

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