macOS Mojave

Mojave will not play a CD

Mojave 10.14.6 will not play a factory CD.

The music skips and stutters and is choppy.

I searched apple discussions and found a thread involving Mojave not playing AIFF files.

AIFF files are the files that are on factory CD’s and have been for the past 37 years.

Not mentioned was the fact that Mojave would not play a CD.

The high point value apple specialists said that there is something wrong with the file, something wrong with the hard drive, something wrong with the computer.

Before these self appointed specialists say something wrong with the CD, here are the tests performed.

Three separate installs of Mojave on three separate SSD’s were tested all on the same Nehalem Mac Pro.

The results are identical.

iTunes will not play a CD. (constant choppy and skips)

iTunes will not play an AIFF file. (constant choppy and skips)

Quicktime 10 will not play an AIFF file. (partially plays with random skips)

Quicktime 7 will not play an AIFF file. (constant choppy and skips)

The only solution found is this.

Boot the exact same Nehalem Mac Pro in….


Snow Leopard


Mountain Lion



El Capitan


High Sierra

….and play the exact same CD with the same CD drive or try to play the same AIFF file and it all works perfectly with iTunes, and either version of Quicktime.

(yes, Nehalem Mac Pros run all those version of OS)

In other words….

Nothing wrong with the CD, Nothing wrong with the CD drive, Nothing wrong with the AIFF file, Nothing wrong with computer. (standard logical troubleshooting)


Think about it… you cannot go to Walmart and buy a CD and play it on your Mac.

Since when????

Since Mojave.

My advice is, somebody had better check to see if Catalina has the same bug.

The inability to play a CD is a severe degradation of the operating system.

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