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Airpod Pro and Find My iPhone

  • I have an iPhone 6 with the v 12.4.3 (no more updates available).
  • I have the new Airpod Pro.
  • I have paired the Airpod Pro with my iPhone.
  • I have Find My iPhone App open on my computer and my iPhone (tried this in various combinations and I have to be signed into iCloud in order to get Find My iPhone open on my computer).

My Airpod Pro will not appear in Find My iPhone.

  1. How can I get my Airpod Pro to show up in Find My iPhone? Is there a secret step I'm missing?
  2. Is this a limitation of the iPhone 6?
  3. Will there be another iPhone update that allows the Airpod Pro to appear in Find My iPhone?

All the articles I've read have not indicated that there could be a problem, but I know the Airpod Pro is new.

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