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IOS 13.2 breaks MAIL app S/MIME encryption


Am I the only one with this issue? We use S/MIME certificates from Digicert with the IOS Mail app to encrypt emails between colleagues at our forensic accounting boutique. We all have IPhone X and it's been working very well until IOS 13.1.3. After updating to IOS 13.2, all replies to encrypted emails appear blank, i.e. nothing in the message area. We've tried to re-install our profiles as well as our certificates, to no avail. I reverted to IOS 13.1.3 because I could not find a way to make this work in IOS 13.2. I searched the Internet to see if anyone else has the same issue but could not find anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Best Regards.

Luc Marcil


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