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OSStatus error 99999

So, I found the previous response to this problem and I am going to elaborate more and give a dumb workaround. I would appreciate a true answer to this problem in Mojave.

This problem occurs when running an app that is from an Unsigned/Unidentified developer. What happens is it prompts you to open the system preferences, you click open, another commit dialog appears, you click open, and the app opens with a message box saying "OSStatus error 99999"

I found a simple way to fix this:

  1. Type 'sudo ' into an open terminal window.
  2. Find the app you want to run and right click on it, click "show package contents".
  3. Navigate to the Contents > MacOS directories. You will see an executable with no extension.
  4. Drag this into your terminal. example: 'sudo Applications/'
  5. Press enter, the terminal will ask you for your password, enter it and press enter again,

In my case this actually worked. At this point I had also stopped the gatekeeper deamon (I think) with another command "sudo spctl –master-disable". I'm not sure this is necessary. The app should start if it's not truly corrupted. If there is some other, more obvious solution I am missing here please post an update for Mojave. Thanks.

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