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Iwatch 4 won’t pair with iPhone x, it keeps unpairing

So far I have run out of ideas, when I try to pair, the phone scans the watch screen then says it’s paired, the the phone app says verifying Apple Watch software, it stays like it and doesn’t move on…

often during this period, the watch asks for language/country, if I ignore, nothing happens, if I set it then it finally tells me to pair with the phone ?

often I see the watch app say that it’s unpairing the watch.

i all I seem to do is go around in circles and never get anywhere.

mat one point it asked if I wanted to update, clicking yes sends me off into to circle again, if I choose to setup as new, I end up doing the same cycle.

i have lost count how many times I reset the phone as well as the watch…

on pairing and setting up my older iwatch 3 I have no problems, it’s just my phone don’t seem to like the iwatch 4.

my iPhone is currently on iOS 13.2.

any ideas guys in-case I start rocking in my chair while pulling my hair out

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