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I've tried to move my Time Machine backup database froma 2TB USB drive to a 4TB USB drive. after 6+ days the copy fails with a message that the 4TB drive is too small to hold 2TB of data!! What do I need to do???

Why does a copy of a 2TB Time Machine database backup file fail to copy to a 4TB drive with the error the destination drive is too small to hold the source drive data? This happens after 4-5 day of saying Preparing to Copy and 2+ days of Copying. While copying, when the copy process gets to 2TB from the source drive the window says 0 bytes left to copy, but keeps going and eventually says the destination drive is too small??

These are both USB external drives (Seagate) and I'm running a Mid-2102 Macbook Pro with 16GB & 500GB, & the I7 processor.

Is there something I need to do to make this work? My 2TB drive is full & has started purging older backups, that I would rather keep.

I haven't tried since upgrading to Catalina, so this was with the latest OS X 10.14.X.

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